Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Our AI analyzes your orders and extracts key information

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Optimize your time

Focus on what matters

Process More Orders

With Cube, increase your productivity without increasing the number of employees

Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Cube's AI automates data extraction from emails and phone calls to your TMS, drastically reducing the number of errors associated with manual data entry

Focus on Human Relationships

Cube's time savings can enable your operators to focus on building and maintaining carrier and shipper relationships

A Self-Learning System

Cube's AI learns as your operators use it, making it more personalized and performant over time.

A Human-centric AI

Cube's AI is human in the loop. This means that your operator always has the final say. Cube adapts to your specific operations, with a feedback loop enabling it to be continuously retrained, thus making it an even more personalized assistant over time.

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Seamless TMS Integrations

Effortlessly integrate through EDI or API, fully compatible with all TMS systems. Enhance your transportation management with smart, flexible integration options that adapt to your unique needs.

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State of the art AI

Welcome to the future of freight management. Cube's AI has been trained on millions of transport documents and emails, ensuring unmatched precision and accuracy. Our team is comprised of former AI researchers and engineers passionate about bringing state of the art machine learning models to freight brokering

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