Cube leverages
AI to automate
Automate BOLs and shipment requests for real-time updates and seamless TMS integration.

Cube's AI boosts back-office logistics efficiency, allowing teams to handle more loads and focus on human relationships.

Supercharge your logistics operations.

Routine communications

AI-Driven actions following emails or phone calls, including dynamic email replies with carriers and shippers

Our Mission
Empowering Humans to Make Smarter Decisions

At Cube, we blend cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces to empower smarter, human-centric decision-making in freight. Our mission is to streamline complex tasks, saving time and enabling better outcomes for our clients.

Plug and play

Simple Integrations

Cube seamlessly integrates into your existing communication channels, such as email and phone, and is fully compatible with your Transportation Management System (TMS). We enhance your operational capabilities without the need for complex changes, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvements in your workflow.

Freight Leaders love Cube

Cube revolutionizes enterprise operations by combining smart data extraction and workflow automation for a more efficient and innovative experience. Cube is not just a platform—it's a gateway to operational agility, propelling your business toward a future of optimized, simplified processes.

Thibaud Guedon
Freight Broker, Groussard

"With Cube, data entry is now a breeze, boosting our efficiency and accuracy significantly."