Our mission

The future of freight is human. The future of freight is AI.

Cube is an AI-native company revolutionizing logistics by simplifying its complexity into an efficient, seamless system—precisely what you’d envision if you'd never glimpsed the chaos that lies beneath.Despite logistics being fundamentally about moving goods, it's the processing and management of information that often complicates the task. The industry, at its core, relies heavily on human-centric processes and communication. However, the traditional methods of communication and information retrieval are fraught with inefficiencies, often requiring operators to gather data from various, sometimes elusive, sources. Large language models are now changing the landscape of text creation, knowledge retrieval, and problem-solving by generating outputs that rival human quality. Cube leverages this generative AI technology to reimagine freight operation workflows and develop the productivity tools of the future. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of logistics significantly, enabling freight operators to leverage AI for improved productivity and allowing them more time to concentrate on the essence of logistics: human relationships.

Cube's Journey So Far

Cube's foundation is built on a team of product-driven AI experts passionate about applying cutting-edge technology to real-world problems. Our journey began with a hands-on approach, working alongside freight forwarders, brokers, trucking companies, and operators. We immersed ourselves in their daily tasks, delving into their challenges, visions, and the tacit knowledge that's often not found in textbooks but is crucial for their work. Through extensive research, including analyzing thousands of email exchanges between freight operators, we've gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of daily logistics operations. Our ambition remains to maintain a strong connection with our customers, designing products that not only meet but exceed their expectations. These hardworking individuals are the backbone of the global supply chain, and our mission is to empower them to perform their roles more effectively. In recent months, we've formed close partnerships with several design partners to develop an email co-pilot. This tool streamlines the process of data extraction and integration into Transportation Management Systems (TMS), marking our first step towards revolutionizing the industry.

Our Vision and What We're Building

The landscape of freight information is complex, characterized by siloed data that can be explicit (directly stated) or implicit (inferred), complete or incomplete, accessible or hidden. The challenge lies in synthesizing this information, filling in gaps with our knowledge, or sometimes admitting the need for further details. Cube's vision is to dismantle these informational and operational barriers by creating an AI-powered agent that acts as a co-pilot for freight operators. This agent will enable them to access the necessary information precisely when it's needed, maintaining human oversight to correct and learn from its actions. To realize this vision, we are developing a state-of-the-art data ingestion engine, designed to process and extract information from diverse and heterogeneous sources—ranging from traditional databases to real-time sensor data—making this information readily searchable and visualizable. Our goal is to eliminate the silos that impede logistics, fostering a future where operations are not only more intelligent and efficient but also more human-centric, where the software serves the human, and not the other way around. We're tackling challenges on multiple fronts: crafting intuitive user interfaces that resonate with operators' needs and constructing a robust infrastructure capable of handling dynamically changing data from various sources. We are integrating with legacy systems, such as emails, phone calls, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), ensuring our platform seamlessly meshes with existing workflows.

What’s next

We believe big missions are achieved by small groups of people who are deeply passionate and committed to the problem they’re tackling. They are resilient, low-ego, kind-hearted, and bring lots of raw brain power to the table. The team that is formed at the beginning of a company is the biggest determinant of its success. Which is why we’re very proud of the tightly-knitted team we’ve assembled at Cube and hope if you are reading this, you’ll consider joining our mission. Cube was co-founded by Louis de Benoist, Victor Plaisance, and Sacha Ichbiah.

Louis grew up in the logistics hub of Chattanooga, Tennessee. With a background in logistics, Louis pursued machine learning at the University of Cambridge and an MBA at HEC, focusing his thesis on AI for global shipping. Opting out of a role in AI strategy with a major maritime carrier, he founded Cube. A coder and builder since 14, Louis has entrepreneurial experience, including startups with significant users and revenue. His AI and industry expertise are key to Cube's strategic direction.

Victor is a self-taught programmer and growth hacker with an MBA from ESCP, Victor has a knack for building and selling. He grew a social media app to 50,000 users in three months, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. His background includes top performance in world foiling competition and extensive experience in sales, cold calling, and consulting. Victor's resilience, discipline, and expertise in sales and growth are instrumental in propelling Cube forward.

Sacha is an Ecole Polytechnique engineer with a degree of Statistical Physics from ENS Ulm and a PhD from the College de France. He worked in 3D image analysis algorithms for biology that has been published in Nature Methods and Cell, and developed several open-source librairies. Sacha's technical experience is complemented by military leadership experience in the French navy. His intellectual rigor and leadership skills make him uniquely suited to lead Cube's engineering efforts.

Together, we're setting out to automate and simplify logistics data exchanges, drawing on our collective experience in technology, entrepreneurship. We're driven by the belief that our technology can significantly reduce the inefficiencies in global trade, saving billions in man-hours and paving the way for a more connected and efficient future. We're always keen to meet people who are interested in what we're building. If you'd like to get in touch, please email us at hello@getcube.ai.