Connect with the Best Carriers Quickly and Easily

Cube uses machine learning to help you make the right carrier decisions for any load. Supercharge your team with AI by automating repetitive tasks like email responses, quote generation, and carrier negotiations.
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Smart carrier email handling

Automate Carrier Emails: Advanced LLM technology automates email processing, response drafting, and negotiation, ensuring your team never misses an email — or opportunity.
Centralize Carrier Quotes: All your inbound carrier quotes (e.g. from load boards) are centralized and organized so you can make the best decision.
Automated Negotiations: Using your pricing strategy and the carriers you selected, Cube's assistant can automate price negotiations and requests for additional carrier information (capacity, etc.).
Human in the Loop: Cube’s assistant isn't just behind-the-scenes magic. Review its responses, track its negotiations, and see valuable insights.

Improve your carrier selection

Optimized Carrier Matching: Cube uses advanced statistics and AI to continuously analyze historical load and capacity data on specific lanes to help you identify the right carrier for any load.
Increase Carrier Reuse: We tap into your existing carriers and suggest them when there’s a strong fit (they’re used to working on this lane, they’ve done the trip before, they know the warehouses, they have the capacity, etc.). This enables you to increase carrier re-use and renegotiate better contracts.
Improve Carrier Relationships: Cube learns carrier preferences, capabilities, and engagement to improve future booking decisions. Send targeted opportunities to re-engage and reuse your top carriers.
Automated Carrier Outreach: Never miss an opportunity. Automatically post your loads where carriers are already looking. From loadboards to email, Cube makes it quick and easy for carriers to review and respond.
Malin AI Writing